Semibold Mammoth

We worked hard on OS X and iOS apps before it was cool


  • Simplify for Mac

    Simplify for Mac

    The simpliest way to control Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, Pandora, Deezer and VK.

  • Unfolder for Mac

    Unfolder for Mac

    Easy way to organize all your files on Mac OS X 10.7+ systems.

  • Timelines project manager

    Timelines project manager

    Web-based visual project manager system with timeline-view.


  • iOS development

    Our alluring iOS applications are warm and soft, like hand-made deer sweaters.

  • Mac development

    We speak Objective-C, drink Cocoa and create beautiful OS X applications.

  • Web development

    Our web-services utilize latest technologies to work more efficiently.

  • UI design

    Good UI requires attention to details. We really love details.


Semibold Mammoth is a two men development & web design agency located in Moscow, Russia.

  • Maxim Melnikov

    I've been using Photoshop since 1996 year for retouching kittens. FYI, about 0,000017% of all kittens on the Internet was published by me.

  • Danya Vershinin

    Despicable lysergic acid diethylamide dinosaur. Physics Ph.D. C++ and pure Ruby developer. Magic delivery boy.

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