Simplify for Mac

The simplest way to control Spotify, iTunes and Vox players Experimental support of Pandora, Deezer, SoundCloud, VK


Simplify for Mac 3.3.2, requires OS X 10.6+. Simplify Extras 1.1, requires OS X 10.6+.

Your Music's Assistant

Simplify gives you quick, easy access to music controls from your menu bar, desktop, keyboard, iPhone or Apple Remote. You can toogle playback, skip and seek tracks, adjust volume and even change players without unhiding them. Make your music experience delightful with Simplify!

Instant mini-player

Missed the Spotify, iTunes or Vox window again? Didn't find a tab with SoundCloud?Install Simplify to know what's playing now, control playback and volume without unhiding your music player or webpage.

Album covers

Everyone loves album artwork. Simplify displays the currently playing track on your desktop with album artwork!It's a big deal since Simplify supports a lot of Bowtie themes.


Play, pause, skip, rewind, fast-forward, and set volume up/down right from keyboard.Install Simplify's preference pane to control all players by media-keys.

Player Switcher

Use our Player Switcher to easily switch between multiple players, pause them and resume instantly, control their volume with a customisable keyboard shortcut.

Other features

 Remote


Native OS X

with players

Sharing to
social networks

Remote control over home network

Auto-pause music during Skype calls

What others say

Top #1 music app in US, Norway, Spain, New Zealand, Denmark, Netherlands, Mexico.

Top #2 music app in UK, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, and others.

  1. Simplify for Mac is a very, well, simple way to control the app without looking at its main window, while getting a beautiful artwork widget on your desktop at the same time. —

  2. If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to control Spotify from a nice HUD that stays out of the way until you need it, you should definitely check this app out. — Mac.AppStorm

  3. This [Simplify] is a really nice way to keep an eye on and get control over all your media players at once. —

  4. Simplify – as the name might already imply – keeps the functions and their presentation minimal and easy to use and love. —